8 Barbie Birthday Party Supplies that Outshine Ken's Hair!

Step aside, Ken! Here's our fabulous list of 8 Barbie birthday party supplies so glitzy, so glam, they make Ken's luscious locks look downright drab. Outshine and out-party with Barbie!

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Step right up, party planners and Barbie enthusiasts! If you're looking to throw a Barbie birthday bash that even Barbie herself would be envious of, you've come to the right place.

We've scoured the vast jungles of Amazon, braved the deepest depths of product reviews, and emerged victorious with the best Barbie Birthday Party Supplies money can buy, all to make your party planning a (breeze).

So, put on your pink party hat, grab your glittery confetti, and let's dive into a world of sparkle, fun, and fantasticity. Remember, a party without Barbie is just a gathering!

1. Pink Balloon Garland Arch Kit

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Why We Love It

Planning a Barbie theme party doesn't have to be hard when you use this Pink Balloon Garland Arch Kit. With 129 latex and metallic balloons in shades of pink, rose red, and rose gold, 2 silver disco balloons, a lip-shaped foil balloon, and all the extra supplies you need, it takes just 30 minutes to create a stunning balloon arch that will take your Barbie-lover's dream party to the next level. Plus, you can elevate the arch even more with a life-sized Barbie box!

2. Barbie Dream Together Party Supplies Pack Serves 16

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Why We Love It

Celebrate your special day with jubilant style, as the pack will provides enough serveware, decorations and more for 16 brave birthday guests. The set includes plates, napkins, cups reusable table cloth and birthday candles shaped in spirals. Plus, it includes everything you need to have a blast with your Barbie-loving friends! Add this to your party shopping list and you're ready to have a fun time!

3. Dessert & Cupcake Decorative Serving Tray Stand 3-Tier

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This decorative stand is made of premium board paper and eco-friendly, biodegradable paper cardboard- so everyone can have their cake and eat it too! Featuring 3 tiers with the perfect display size, it will fit small and large cupcakes, scones, finger sandwiches... you name it! Make your Barbie-themed birthday party one for the books with this decorative serving tray stand.

4. Yochamc Come on Barbie, Let's Go Party Banner

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Why We Love It

Easily dress up your Barbie-themed birthday party with this Come on Barbie, Let's Go Party Banner! Made from eco-friendly paper and designed with hot pink glitter, this banner stands out at any party. With pre-cut holes, you can easily string it up and get the party started. Make your Barbie birthday extra special with this one-of-a-kind banner! Perfect for mantels, banisters, windows, desert tables, or photo backdrops – you can't go wrong!

5. Pink Iridescence Plastic Tablecloths 4 Pack

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Get your Barbie-themed party glammed up with this 4-Pack of Pink Iridescence Plastic Tablecloths! These shiny holographic tablecloths will add just the right amount of sparkle and shine to your table—the perfect decoration for a birthday party bash! The durable plastic material won't tear, and you can simply wipe clean or throw away easily when the party's over!

6. Valentina Buck 4 Party Centerpiece

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Make her Barbie birthday dream come true with this special Valentina Buck 4 Party Centerpiece! Perfect for any girl theme birthday party, each package comes with 4 centerpieces and an easy to follow synopsis. Get creative and use your imagination to impress your guests - the entire ensemble is made from environmentally friendly cardstock, and assembly takes about 3 minutes. It’s the perfect way to create the perfect Barbie-themed birthday event!

7. Push Pop Pink Colorfest

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These individually wrapped, strawberry flavored fruity lollipops are the perfect treat for any Barbie fan! Enjoy 10 yummy strawberry lollies in a convenient bulk pack and serve up smiles all around as you celebrate birthday bliss! These sweet and colorful pops are perfect for a Barbie party favor and will guarantee your guests have a blast!

8. Rsstarxi 24 Pack Princess Cupcake Toppers

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Get the perfect Barbie look for your next Barbie-themed bash with these fun and adorable Rsstarxi 24 Pack Princess Cupcake Toppers! Featuring 6 different princess patterns in 4 each, these toppers are a no-brainer for your next party. Crafted of safe, high-quality 300 gram glitter thick cardstock and 100% food grade sticks, your cupcakes will be super-cute, safe, and tasty. Plus, with no need for DIY, you can insert straight into your cupcakes, saving time and effort. Add a touch of princess charm to your Barbie look!

Barbie Birthday Party FAQs

Alright, party planners! We know you've got a million questions swirling in your head about throwing the ultimate Barbie birthday bash. And hey, we've got your back! We've gathered the most burning, most frequently asked questions about Barbie Birthday Parties and we're ready to spill the tea. So, sit back, relax, and let's unravel the Barbie Party mystery together. Get ready for a ride through the world of pink, glitter, and all things fabulous!

1. What is the best theme for a Barbie birthday party?

There are several exciting themes to consider for a Barbie birthday party. A Barbie dream house, Barbie fashion show, or Barbie princess theme are all popular choices. The best theme will depend on the interests of your birthday celebrant.

2. How can I decorate for a Barbie birthday party?

Think pink! Use pink balloons, tablecloths, and streamers. You might also consider a Barbie banner or Barbie-themed table centerpieces. Don't forget a Barbie cake or cupcakes with Barbie toppers!

3. What kind of food should I serve at a Barbie birthday party?

Pink-themed foods fit well with a Barbie party. Think pink lemonade, strawberry cupcakes, and pink-dyed popcorn! And of course, a Barbie cake is a must.

4. What kind of games can we play at a Barbie birthday party?

When planning a Barbie birthday party, there are plenty of fun games that you can incorporate to keep the little ones entertained. Consider fashion-themed games to match the Barbie theme, such as organizing a Barbie dress-up contest where the kids can showcase their creativity and style. Another exciting idea is to set up a Barbie runway walk, where each child can strut their stuff and show off their fabulous outfits.

To add an element of adventure, you could also plan a Barbie scavenger hunt, where the kids can search for hidden Barbie-themed items or clues throughout the party venue. This will not only keep them engaged but also add an exciting twist to the celebration.

If you want to get everyone moving and grooving, why not organize a Barbie dance-off? Prepare a playlist of catchy songs and let the kids show off their best moves. This can be a great way to encourage them to unleash their inner dancers and have a blast together.

By incorporating these fashion-themed games and adding a touch of excitement, you can create a memorable Barbie birthday party experience that will leave the kids with unforgettable memories.

5. How do I make a Barbie cake?

There are many Barbie cake tutorials online. Essentially, you'll need to bake a dome-shaped cake, insert a Barbie doll, and then decorate the cake to look like an over the top Barbie's gown.

6. What should the birthday girl wear at the Barbie birthday party?

For the perfect look at the Barbie birthday party, the birthday girl can dazzle in a stunning Barbie-themed outfit! She can choose from a variety of options, such as a glamorous Barbie dress adorned with sparkles and sequins, a cute and stylish pink outfit that reflects Barbie's signature color, or even a fabulous costume that resembles Barbie's own iconic wardrobe. With any of these choices, the birthday girl will be the star of the party, embracing the magical world of Barbie and creating unforgettable memories.

7. What should I put in the Barbie birthday party goody bags?

For the Barbie birthday party goody bags, you can include a variety of fun and themed items. Consider adding Barbie mini dolls, Barbie stickers, pink nail polish, or even Barbie clothing that the guests can use for their own dolls. These additions will surely delight the party attendees and make the goody bags even more memorable!

8. Can boys attend a Barbie birthday party?

Absolutely! Barbie parties can be enjoyed by everyone. Boys might enjoy games like the scavenger hunt or dance-off, or you could provide action figures as an alternative to Barbies for playtime.

9. Where can I buy Barbie birthday party supplies?

Many party supply stores and online retailers offer Barbie-themed party supplies. Amazon and Etsy are all good places to start.

10. How can I make a Barbie birthday party educational?

To make a Barbie birthday party educational, you can incorporate elements from Barbie's diverse range of careers. For instance, you could organize a veterinarian game where kids learn about animal care through Barbie Pet Vet. Another idea is to hold a drawing contest that encourages creativity and artistic skills, inspired by Barbie Artist. Additionally, you could introduce a simple coding game that introduces basic coding concepts, inspired by Barbie Computer Engineer. By incorporating these activities, children can have fun while also gaining educational insights into various fields.

11. What are some unique ideas for a Barbie birthday party?

There are several unique ideas you can consider for a Barbie birthday party. One idea is to set up a DIY Barbie fashion design station where the party guests can create their own stylish outfits for their Barbie dolls. Another fun idea is to have a Barbie makeover station where the guests can play dress-up and experiment with different hairstyles and makeup looks. For an extra touch of excitement, you could even hire a professional Barbie impersonator who can interact with the kids and entertain them with Barbie-themed activities and games. These creative ideas will surely make the Barbie birthday party an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

12. How can I make a Barbie birthday party eco-friendly?

Opt for reusable or biodegradable party supplies, serve food with little to no packaging, and consider digital invitations instead of paper ones.

13. What age group is suitable for a Barbie birthday party?

Barbie birthday parties are typically popular with kids aged 3-8, but can be tailored for younger or older children as well. Remember, the most important thing is that the birthday celebrant and their guests have fun!

Final Thoughts About Barbie Birthday Party

And there you have it! Our top 5 picks to throw an unforgettable Barbie-themed birthday bash. These items combine the magic, sparkle, and glamour that we all love about Barbie, ensuring a day that your little one will remember for years to come. These party essentials, from the pink balloon arch to the Barbie princess cupcake toppers, are sure to bring life to your party, adding that extra 'wow' factor. And let's not forget the eco-friendly options, because who said you can't party and protect the planet at the same time? So, gear up, get these fabulous party items, and let the Barbie adventure begin.

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Happy Shopping! :)

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