Strike Gold With These 5 Best Metal Detectors For Kids!

Are you ready to unearth hidden treasures with your little one? Get them geared up for metal detecting success with these five top-rated detectors. Whether they’re looking for coins, jewelry, relics or even gold nuggets, these metal detectors will have them striking it rich in no time!

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Are you a parent looking for the perfect gift to get your kids excited about treasure hunting?

Look no further! We’ve got just the thing – metal detectors specifically designed for kids. With these amazing gadgets, your little ones can explore their imaginations and search for hidden treasures in the backyard or at the beach. Plus, they’re easy to use and come with all sorts of cool features like adjustable sensitivity settings and waterproof coils.

Imagine how much fun your kids will have searching for coins, jewelry, relics and more! And if that wasn't enough, we've also rounded up some of our favorite metal detectors on Amazon so you can find one that fits both your budget and needs.

Check out this article now to find out which metal detector is right for your child's next adventure!

How Raquels Reviews Chooses the Best Kids Metal Detector

Kids are always asking for the latest and greatest gadgets, but it can be hard to find something that is both fun AND educational.

You want your kids to have a great time, but you don't want them wasting their money on something they won't use or learn from. Plus, it's hard enough to keep up with the trends without having to do all the research yourself!

Let Raquels Reviews take care of it! Our experts have done all the legwork so you don't have to. We've researched reviews on Amazon and found only the best metal detectors for kids - so you know your little ones will get hours of entertainment (and education!) out of their new toy!


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Why We Love It

Explore the exciting world of discovery with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector! This Pro kid's metal detector is like having a real-life treasure map -- you'll never know what surprising gems you uncover as you trek across undiscovered lands. With its adjustable, lightweight design and intuitive LCD display, this metal detector for kids is perfect for every level of explorer, from entry level metal detector to expert. Channel your inner pirate and find gold coins, jewelry, or other buried treasures like never before! Plus it's fun for all ages so you can even bring your little ones along in search of fortune!

Things to Know

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector is a must-have for any aspiring treasure hunter. This lightweight and collapsible detector has a large, waterproof 10-inch coil that can detect treasures as deep as 12 inches! It also comes with four sensitivity levels, three detection modes, and a pinpoint feature to help you find only the best treasures. With this amazing metal detector, you can take your treasure hunting to a whole new level!

PalliPartners Metal Detector

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Why We Love It

This device features a 10 inch waterproof search coil that provides increased sensitivity and improved detection efficiency, allowing you to discover more in less time. With three operation models – including All Metal Mode, Disc Mode, and Notch Mode – you’ll have all the tools necessary for finding buried treasure with ease. Additionally, the child's metal detector has adjustable discrimination and notch modes, allowing you to eliminate metals that you don’t want to detect. With an easy-to-use design and rugged construction, PalliPartners Metal Detector is perfect for both novice treasure hunters and experienced pros alike.

Things to Know

PalliPartners Metal Detector is the perfect choice for any metal detecting enthusiast, from beginners to advanced users. It comes with a carrying bag, control box, a shovel that's more durable and strong than other shovels and a headset jack that can be used with conventional headsets. Plus, two batteries are included! This metal detector is adjustable from 41.3 inches to 47.6 inches, making it suitable for both adults and kids. It also features an arm rest design which saves you energy and makes metal detecting more comfortable and less stressful. With intuitive LCD display and adjustable sensitivity, you can detect deeper objects than ever before!

RM RICOMAX Junior Metal Detector for Kids

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Why We Love It

Take your junior treasure hunters on an exploration they'll never forget with this nifty device. Its 7.4-inch search coil is designed to make metal detection more sensitive and accurate than ever before - so no matter where you are, you're sure to find something special! Plus, its adjustable stem and waterproof coil (not including screen) will help keep them safe during their adventure. The best part? If there's a metal target nearby, a simple arrow symbol plus audible sound will alert everyone of the discovery – get ready for some serious excitement! With this awesome gadget, finding that hidden bounty has never been easier or more fun – perfect for those seeking out pirate gold or buried relics alike.

Things to Know

This metal detector is designed specifically with kids in mind – it’s adjustable stem can be set from 24 to 35 inches so that both children and adults can use it. It features one-press simple operation, making it easy for little ones to start searching right away. Plus, its lightweight and foldable search coil make it perfect for traveling or outdoor activities.

RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids

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Why We Love It

The search coil is sensitive and specially designed with a 7.4 inch profile, making it easy for kids to maneuver around any terrain. Plus its eye-catching design has been crafted by both professional industrial designers and young visual designers, so your little darlings will look extra chic while they explore. And because it's made from harmless ABS plastic, you don't have to worry about any safety hazards – just lots of fun!

Things to Know

This revolutionary metal detector easy to use device will bring hours of fun and adventure for both children and adults. With its 20% larger coil, it can quickly detect objects buried up to four inches below the surface. Plus, it has a 24-35 inch adjustable stem so that everyone in the family can join in on the metal detecting fun!

PalliPartners Metal Detector for Kids

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Why We Love It

The lightweight yet powerful detector has ergonomic design features that make it comfortable to use, as well as an adjustable bracket for easy operation. With its high sensitivity settings, this metal detector can detect iron nails, aluminum rings, coins, gold, silver and other small metal items in a variety of environments - making it perfect not only for exploration but also science education purposes.

Things to Know

The metal detector has an audio alert and LCD display which indicate the detection of metal, with a 6.10 inch diameter and 10-100cm depth range. It is ideal for finding iron nails, aluminum rings, coins, gold and silver among other metals. Additionally, this product can be used in science education making it incredibly versatile as well as fun to use.

Metal Detectors for Kids FAQs

Are you looking for a fun and educational gift for your child but don’t know where to start?

You want something that will keep them entertained, but also teach them about the world around them. It can be hard to find the perfect balance between learning and fun.

Metal detectors are an exciting way to explore nature while teaching kids about science and history! These best kids metal detectors come with all the features they need in order to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Plus, our FAQs page has all of your questions answered so you can make your purchase with total confidence!

1. What are the benefits of metal detectors for kids?

Metal detectors for kids can provide an exciting and educational outdoor activity that encourages creativity, problem-solving, and curiosity. By using a metal detector, children can explore their environment in a fun and safe way, while also potentially finding valuable items underground. Metal detectors can also help kids become aware of their surroundings, teaching them to appreciate the natural world and understand the importance of safety. Additionally, metal detecting can be a fun way for kids to bond with family members or friends while enjoying the outdoors. It is an educational activity that can promote physical exercise and healthy habits, as well as teach children valuable lessons about the environment and the history of their area. Finally, metal detecting can be a great way to introduce kids to the world of treasure hunting, which can inspire them to continue to use their imagination and explore new places.

2. What are some tips for using a metal detector?

To get the most out of your metal detector, it is important to understand how the kids metal detectors work and where you should look when using it. Here are some tips for successful metal detecting:

• Learn about the types of metals that can be detected with your device and determine which areas might contain those metals.

• Research local laws and regulations on metal detecting before heading out to an area.

• Start with low sensitivity settings and then adjust as needed.

• Use a sweeping motion when scanning an area, making sure to cover the entire space.

• Be patient and take breaks throughout the day to stay focused.

• Listen for any unusual noises that come from the detector, which could indicate the presence of metal.

• Dig with caution to avoid damaging any delicate items that may be hidden underground.

• Label and store any finds in a safe place, being sure to follow local regulations for preserving historical relics.

• Have fun and take time to explore your surroundings! Metal detecting can provide an exciting and educational way to discover new things and appreciate the natural world.

3. What are the safety precautions for metal detecting?

Before you start metal detecting, it is important to ensure that you are following all relevant safety protocols. Here are some key safety tips to keep in mind when metal detecting:

• Follow all local laws and regulations for metal detecting in the area you are searching.

• Be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to move if needed.

• Have another person with you at all times, especially if you are searching in a remote area.

• Follow all instructions that come with your metal detector and use caution when handling the device.

• Do not dig too deep or use any power tools without permission from the landowner.

• Respect nature by refilling any holes you make and leaving no trace of your presence.

• Do not handle any items you find without prior permission from the landowner or local authorities and always follow preservation guidelines for historical artifacts.

By following these safety tips, you can enjoy a safe and successful metal detecting experience!

4. What are the best places to use a metal detector?

While you can use a metal detector almost anywhere, some areas may be more likely to yield valuable finds than others. Beaches, parks, and public spaces with lots of foot traffic tend to be great places for finding coins or trinkets. To uncover historical artifacts, it is best to start with areas that have been previously inhabited or are known for being populated in the past. Old battlefields, abandoned buildings, construction sites, and other places with a rich history can be great spots to use your metal detector. You may also want to contact local historical societies or parks departments for more information on potential metal detecting sites in your area. With the right research and preparation, you can have a successful and rewarding metal detecting experience!

5. What types of items can be found with a metal detector?

Metal detectors can be used to uncover a wide range of valuable items, including coins, jewelry, historical artifacts, and more. Depending on the type of detector you have, you may be able to detect items made of iron, steel, gold and silver. If you are searching for buried treasure or valuable finds in an area with a rich history, it is important to research local laws and regulations before using your metal detector. You may also want to contact local historical societies or parks departments for more information on potential metal detecting sites in your area. With the right research and preparation, you can have a successful and rewarding metal detecting experience!

Final Thoughts About Best Metal Detector for Kids

Kids these days can be quite picky, so when it comes to choosing the best metal detector for them, you want to make sure you get one that they’ll love. With our top five picks of the best metal detectors for kids in mind, we hope your little treasure hunter will have a blast searching for lost coins and other hidden treasures! Just remember: always supervise their activities and enjoy some quality time with your child while having fun together outdoors. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something even more valuable than gold – like spending precious moments bonding with your kid!

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Happy Shopping! :)

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